Toddler Program ~ 18 months to 3 years old

Little Goose

This infant/toddler supplement is to be used in conjunction with the Mother Goose Time Curriculum System. The Little Goose supplement follows the same topics and uses the same tools as the preschool program, but adapted in toddler-friendly ways. As a teacher this helps you facilitate a cohesive, multi-age program. As children develop, you can easily and smoothly transition children from the toddler to preschool program. The Little Goose Infant/Toddler Curriculum tailors activities to be developmentally appropriate to give young children exposure and introduction to everyday materials found in and around their natural environment.

Toddlers are driven to explore and discover with boundless energy. Our program is designed to challenge the new sense of exploration and to capture their young love of learning. Our toddler program is a blend of active stimulating play coupled with opportunities to participate in quiet play like story time and art. Through the use of music, stories and games, toddlers learn to participate in activities that help expand interest in learning, develop self-help skills and teach the concept of sharing.

Children in this toddler program are exploring the world around them. Goals for this age group fall into four categories: social, emotional, self-help, and developmental/educational. Social and emotional skills include being able to participate in group activities, taking turns, showing respect for others, and sharing. Self-help skills include being able to follow simple two-step directions (for example, washing hands and then sitting down at the table), table manners, and toileting. Developmental/ educational goals include manipulation of crayons, paintbrushes, stacking blocks, running, climbing and riding bikes. Children identify basic shapes and colors, recite the ABC's and recognize the first letter of their name.

The key characteristics of our Toddler Curriculum include:

  •  Nurturing environment

  •  Small group activities and one-on-one learning experiences

  •  Focus on early language development and letter recognition

  •  Opportunities for positive social interactions

  •  An environment designed for safe exploration

  •  Daily routines to provide consistency that toddler's crave

  •  Learn shapes, colors, numbers, letters

  •  Begin pre-reading skills

Throughout the day the teachers are modeling behavior for the children to follow.  Each day begins with a circle time gathering, where children greet each other with our Kidz Choice Good Morning Song.Then we discuss the weather and theme of the day. The monthly letters,numbers,colors and shapes are reviewed.  

Kidz Choice developmental goals for children in our Toddler Classroom are:

    Language and Listening

  •  Listen to instructions and important information

  •  Use a variety of words to express self

  •  Engage in conversation

  •  Recognize familiar sounds

  •  Learn names of peers

    Reading and Writing

  •  Scribble as a stage of early writing

  •  Recognize names

  •  Respond to storytelling


  •  Count orally

  •  Match size and shape

  •  Identify geometric shapes


  •  Use senses to gain information

  •  Observe events and changes in our environment

    Music Awareness

  •  Identify sources of sounds

  •  Verbally demonstrate recollection of songs

  •  Use imitative movement

  •  Play simple rhythm instruments


  •  Experiment with art materials

  •  Discover color

  •  Express self through picture-making, print-making and constructing

  •  Discover line, shape, texture, and color by seeing and feeling objects

    Social Awareness

  •  Work on using words

  •  Recognize he/she is one of many

  •  Learn to take turns and share

  •  Engage in social interactions with peers and adults

  •  Develop friendships

  •  Foster self-esteem

  •  Learn manners

  •  Develop autonomy and independence

  •  Learn “want” and “have”

    Cognitive Awareness

  •  Know and observe rules

  •  Understand object permanent

    Fine Motor

  •  Strengthen hand muscles and control, including pincher grasp

  •  Build manipulative skills

  •  Build eye-hand coordination

    Gross Motor

  •  Body awareness

  •  Discovering parts of the body and what they do

  •  Balance

  •  Coordination

  •  Running and jumping

  •  Climbing

  •  Throwing

  •  Stack blocks                                                                   




Kidz Choice
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